Is There a True Story of Scientology?

I am regularly asked by tertiary strict understudies what is the best way we have of extending Scientology. Would could it be that grows our enrollment?

The response to this inquiry is consistently the equivalent. Scientology grows generally by overhearing people's conversations. Obviously we do book advancement crusades, web crusades, road fliers, letterbox drops, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Yet, nothing looks at to the extension by listening in on others' conversations. Informal exchange is the basic greatest extension purpose of Scientology.

The genuine story of Scientology is that somebody builds up a way of thinking of life and passing. Others think that its fascinating and it causes them. They at that point give it to other people. That should be everything that matters too it.

Anyway there is more. If individuals somehow managed to improve and Scientology was to accomplish its points, such would incorporate a world without battle, without madness and without culpability, at that point many individuals with personal stakes in craziness, war and guiltiness, could be in the joblessness line.

Certainly, here is the greatest business on earth, the drug business. It would either need to shut down or change its tasks, perhaps focus on valuable food supplements. This may even spell the finish of anecdotal synthetic irregularity of the cerebrum hypothesis. The drug business develops psychological maladjustment and profound sick being. On the off chance that a benevolent gathering were to tagged along and offer something that could genuinely restore individuals both intellectually and profoundly quite a decent gathering could be in for a sweltering time.

Some many may not profit by quite a decent gathering's essence, and the some many might be associated with war and guiltiness true stories. Media magnates may connect over as normal sheets of chiefs into the emotional wellness, drug and weapons enterprises. To an enormous degree this world, as it stands today, is controlled by these head honchos and their families. To them add global financial which assets and benefits by their work.

A standard way such a cartel can secure its own advantages against a decent gathering which contradicts them is to make something disputable of the great gathering. As a rule, the characteristic treatment industry, while developing, gets a scorching time from the above cartel of drug, weapons, media and banking ventures. In any case, while the characteristic treatment industry remains as a cabin industry it is no genuine danger to them.

Scientology then again is unique. It is developing quick. Scientology's organizer was a rationalist and an author in numerous classifications, for example, westerns, analysts, sci-fi, experience, yet the media depict something dubious about this by resembling his genuine way of thinking to his sci-fi composing. To sell papers, they feel that except if they have contention, the public won't accepting their news. In Scientology we essentially allude to these mongers of dread as shippers of bedlam. Furthermore, that is their main event, they sell disorder. It is sadly their stock in exchange.

As an illustration they could state, "Scientology originator and thinker L. Ron Hubbard...." however they don't. Rather they express, "Scientology organizer and sci-fi essayist L. Ron Hubbard...." Their point is to make something questionable out of composing fiction, and to endeavor to stick in the psyche of perusers a relationship between Scientology theory and sci-fi. Verifiably there is none, close to there is among Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard's experience stories, which he likewise wrote. All through history the best philosophical personalities -, for example, Socrates, Plato, and others, have all been extraordinary essayists just as scholars. Being a logician and an incredible communicator of thoughts appears to be an exceptionally regular hybrid.

In any case, luckily the entire world isn't this way. Ten years prior I was approached to do a meeting in Mysore in south India. The paper was known as the Mysore Star, and it ran a two page story on Scientology. I was shocked as the meeting was accounted for precisely, yet there was no discussion. Additionally, I had committed one error in what I had stated, the correspondent had explored and set it up with the right data. I at that point read through the remainder of the paper. I saw there were no awful stories, no passings, no beatings, not one story of damage or fear. I was interested and asked the journalist for what reason not? He saw me exceptionally astonished and clarified that they could never run such stories, as it was despicable to him as a columnist that he would sell simply terrible news, as who might purchase such a paper? That was south India, an exceptionally reviving profound world.

Presently back in the realist West, take a gander at the Los Angeles Times, or an identical Australian paper. They contain stun and terrible news from the primary page on. Terrible news is load of exchange.

Be that as it may, back to Scientology, the individuals who read L. Ron Hubbard's books pass them on. They work. They help individuals. Positively there is an impact attempting to make Scientology disputable. However, the Scientology books help individuals have better existences and that gets them suggested. That is the manner by which it spreads.

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